eLegis Olongapo City Philippines Sangunian

29 June 2005


For: Hon. Rolen C. Paulino
Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer

Hon. Cynthia G. Cajudo
City Councilor and Majority Floor Leader

Hon. Noel Y. Atienza
City Councilor and Minority Floor Leader

All Members of the City Council

Committee Report: Councilor Edwin J. Piano
Chairman, Committee on Ways and Means


Re: 1) Proposed fees for usage of Rizal Triangle Multi-
Purpose Center, Marikit Park, East Tapinac Oval Track
and Volunteers’ Park

2) Imposition of fees for streamers, motorcades and
application for telecom-tower site-acquisition.

The hearing was called to order on or about 10:30am, 28 June 2005 by Kgd. Ed Piano.

Following were present:

Vice Mayor Rolen Paulino, and representatives of Kgd Gina Perez and Kgd. Bebeth Marzan

Johnny Choa, Marcel Andawi, Arch Balde & Dennis Martinez (Finance Committee)
Ric Cando (Parks Manager), Bernadette Bernal (Budget), Romeo Gonzales (PUD)

Brgy officials: Capt Ben Franco, Jocelyn Morasin, Carlos Suansing, Ben Espinosa, Ernesto Esmele, Efifania Cuan, Eric Ebro, Azucena De Gracia and Luzviminda Fajardo.

Alberto Baviera (BSP), Richard Ventura (STV-6), Representatives from NGOs & youth organization

1. Ric Cando discussed the rationale behind the proposal to impose fees on usage of Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Center, Marikit Park, Tapinac Oval Track and Volunteers’ Park. He explained that this is primarily to cover cost of maintenance, defray electric and water consumption and to fund salaries/wages of security personnel to be assigned on said parks.

2. City Treasurer Marcelino Andawi explained in detail the Finance Committee’s proposal.

3. The Vice Mayor raised his concern about the proposal to charge fees to individuals engaging in numerous sports activities, spectators enjoying the games, or folks who frequent our parks for various reasons. He surmised that the reason the city government built these parks and spent considerable amount of money is for our constituents to have a decent, safe and enjoyable place to stroll, and they expect these to be free.

4. Mr. Johnny Choa replied that indeed the committee realize that Olongapo City is a “Child Friendly City” national awardee, which was the reason why the proposal only covers organized activities, people going in and out of the park on their own is not covered by the proposal.

5. In that regard, the body agreed to charge fees only on activities that are profit-oriented or commercial in nature especially if they requested for exclusive use of the park. Non-profit organizations/activities will need to pay only a minimal amount to cover cost of utilities such as electricity and water.

6. Brgy officials for their part requested that a certain percentage of the fees paid by organized users should be given to barangay where parks fall under their area of jurisdiction. It was agreed that the matter would be taken up with the city mayor who have the authority to enter into agreements to satisfy their request.

7. The proposal to allow stalls such as snack bars, souvenir shops and other booths in Volunteers’ Park encountered opposition for reasons such as this will create traffic problem, it will unduly compete with occupants of the city mall, perceived sanitation problem, and building “pansamantagal” structures usually result to untidy parks . . . The means to award such stalls if ever this will push thru were also placed under suspicion since the proposed rental rates were unusually low raising speculation that only “favored ones” will benefit from the proposal especially when Parks Manager Ric Cando revealed that he already received applications for a privilege to do business in the park. Proposal for booth rental on other parks under discussion received the same sentiment.

8. Rates/Fees for Streamers:
P80/sq. meter provided that minimum fee shall be P400.00
and that Removal Fee/Bond of P200 shall be paid in advance.

9. Rates/Fees for Motorcade (including mobile escort)

City proper excluding New Cabalan and Bo. Barretto:
P250 per hour with minimum of P 500.00

City proper including New Cabalan and Bo. Barretto:
P250 per hour with minimum of P 1,000.00

10. Fees on Cell Site / Communication Towers: P 10,000.00 application fee (one-time) for site acquisition shall be charged. This in addition to the P 5,000.00 annual fee as prescribed in the City Revenue Code.

11. Please refer to attached matrix to review fees / charges for Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Center, Marikit Park and East Tapinac Oval Track.

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